Stand Up! (A Graphic Novel)

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By Tori Sharp

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Two hilarious best friends create their very own podcast in this feel-good middle grade graphic novel about making the spotlight your own, from the bestselling author of Just Pretend.

Lights, Curtains…Podcast! 

Best friends Clay and Kyle can’t help but inject fun into everything. Whether they’re goofing off backstage during a performance or making rib-tickling jokes at an open mic, these two are always ready to make people laugh! Now Clay’s hoping to shift her improv skills to the stage in her middle school’s production of Gals and Dolls, which means spending even more time with her crush, Dania. But Clay’s boisterous humor doesn’t sit well with the director, who has ZERO tolerance for fun.

Clay, however, refuses to be boring! She and Kyle are eager to bring their comedic talents into the spotlight, but school musicals are too serious, open mics are too long…

And that’s when it hits them—they should start a podcast! But with rehearsals to attend, new episodes to record, and time running out for Clay to ask a certain someone to the eighth-grade dance, will Clay and Kyle be able to do it all?

  • “Sharp creates a space where unconventionality is the ideal and reminds us to celebrate it.”

    Brenna Thummler, creator of the Sheets series
  • “A sweet, fun, and funny story about how being true to yourself can lead you to new paths, opportunities, and friendships. If you’re like me, you’ll walk away wishing Clay and Kyle were your best friends too!”

    Ivy Noelle Weir, author of The Secret Garden on 81st Street
  • “You won’t find a more delightful graphic novel than Tori Sharp’s Stand Up! Clay and Kyle’s friendship is so masterfully developed, by story’s end you’ll feel that you’ve known them all your life. The gorgeous artwork pulls off the remarkable trick of being both grounded in reality but also open to moments of wonderful, dreamy magic. Take it from me: Making any graphic novel is very hard to do, but creating a gem like this one is a rare and beautiful thing.”

    Mark Crilley, creator of the Akiko and Miki Falls series
  • “Stand Up! is a compassionate, seriously funny, and above all heartfelt look at what it means to find your stage.”

    Veronica Agarwal and Lee Durfey-Lavoie, creators of Just Roll with It
  • “Class clowns and secretly funny shy kids unite in this gut-busting tale of finding your place in the world without holding back who you truly are.”

    Alex Graudins, author of Improve

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Oct 1, 2024
Page Count
336 pages
Little, Brown Ink

Tori Sharp

About the Author

Tori Sharp is a Seattle-based author-illustrator and a swing and blues dancer with a BFA in sequential art from SCAD. Her first book, Just Pretend, is an energetic, affecting graphic memoir about using imagination to navigate the fallout from her parents’ divorce. It’s full of magic, fairies, witches, and lost and found friendships. You can find her online at

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